Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Arab and His Camel Short Story

Once upon a time there was an Arab staying in a desert. The Arab had a camel.  Everyday Arab used his camel for carrying his things one place to another place. Once there was too cold at night. So Arab made a tent to take rest at night. That night the Arab lay asleep inside the tent while the camel stood outside.

At midnight the camel awoke his master and requested him to allow him to put his head inside the tent as it was bitter cold outside. The Arab allowed him to do so.

After a while, the camel asked the Arab if he might put his neck inside the tent because it was too cold outside. The Arab did not object to do it.

Soon after the camel requested him again to allow him to bring his legs inside. The Arab agreed. Now the camel stood completely inside the twit. But as there was not enough space for both of them he pushed the Arab outside to shiver in cold.

Moral: Give him an inch, and he will take an ell.


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