Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lion and the Slave Short Story

After take out the thrown from the Lion's paw the slave returns to the cave.Once upon a time a very cruel King ruled Greece. Many people served him as slaves. The King did not treat them well. There was a slave lived in the kingdom. He was treated very badly by his master. He was sick of his rules. So he ran away from the kingdom. He went to a dense forest. 

He took shelter in a cave. There he saw a lion crying in pain. There was a thorn in his right paw. Boldly, the slave moved towards the lion. He removed the thorn from lion's paw. The lion felt relieved and stop crying. The king’s men were searching everywhere for the slave. Soon they catch him live.

The king ordered to throw him before a hungry lion in front of the public. This was a punishment for running away from his kingdom. Inside the arena the slave was left alone inside a cage. People watched him from a distance. 

When the door of the cage was open the lion ran out roaring. But to the surprise of everyone, the lion licked the hands of the slave in sheer gratitude. The king wanted to know the reason of the lion’s strange behavior towards the slave. The happy slave narrated his story. The king was very happy with his slave now and  He set the slave and the lion free. There were no more slaves in Greece after this incident and everyone lived happily.

Moral : Kindness never goes unrewarded.


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