Saturday, 21 October 2017

Short story of The Elephant and the Beetle

Once upon a time there lived an elephant in a dense forest. A beetle also lived in a heap of dung under a shady tree. He used to toll around the dung and ate some insects that get stuck in the dung. Once, that elephant happened to pass that way. The elephant was very hungry. 

So he started to pluck out some branches from the tree. The beetle got annoyed and started to hum. The mighty elephant did not take heed of this tiny noise. But the smell of the old dung was so foul that the elephant could not bear any more. 

The elephant was about to leave that place. But the beetle flew near and said, "Hey mighty! I think you are afraid of my loud humming? That is why you are leaving, aren't you? See, I have really frightened you."

Now the elephant got really wild. He blew some air right at the beetle and the beetle flew far away out of the elephant's sight. The elephant went away with happily. 

Moral: Think before you act.


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