Sunday, 22 October 2017

Monkey and the wedge of a log moral story

There was a small garden. Where a carpenter was working with logs for building a chariot. Regularly, he would start work in the morning and afternoon he take a break for the mid-day meals, and return again for his work till evening.

One day the carpenter was cutting a huge log of wood. Since, it was only half-done; he placed a wedge in between to prevent the log from closing gap. He then went off for his meal.
That day a group of monkey watching the carpenters work near by the tree. When the carpenter was gone for lunch, the monkeys came down from the trees and started jumping around the site, and playing with the instruments.

There was one monkey, who got curious about the wedge placed between the log. He sat down on the log, and having placed himself in between the half-split log, caught hold of the wedge and started pulling at it himself.

All of a sudden, the wedge came out. As a result, the half-split log closed in and the monkey got caught in the gap of the log. He tried a lot to get out with pain from the log but it was not enough to get rid of this whole. Finally he died with pain.


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