Monday, 23 April 2018

Don't Ever Waste Your Food : Save Food

Once upon a time there was a boy named Arjun lived with his parents. His father was a farmer and mother was a housewife. One day his father went to the market and brought groceries and vegetables for the home. He brought a bag with full of rice. As soon as they came home, Arjun's mother emptied the bag of rice in the rice box she kept on the kitchen. When she did that, she dropped a few rice grains on the ground by mistake.

When Arjun's mother went to put the rest of the groceries aside, Arjun thought he should help his mother in cleaning up the floor. He took a tray and tried to clean up the rice grains from the floor. When he got ready to throw the grains in the trash, his mother stopped him.She said, my dear son, you should not waste these grains". Arjun asked, "We have full box of rice, why shouldn't I throw these waste rice in the trash? You told that not to eat anything from the ground."

His mother explained, " God gives us rice to cook and eat. Every grain has to be eaten by some one. When a grain is taken out of its husk, it has to be consumed by a hungry soul" But Mother this is just a handful of rice but I don't think it can't be satisfy anyone's hunger." His mother said, come with me I will show you. She took the rice grains to the top of the floor and kept in a corner. Sometimes later pigeon and crows started flying towards Arjun's home. They ate all the grains peacefully. 

Arjun was astonished to see the entire grains eaten by the birds. He understood that he should never waste food ever. He became happy and from that day onward he never wasted any food.

Moral - Every single grain important in our life. So don't waste food at all.


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