Friday, 23 February 2018

Peacock and The Crane Story

The-peacock-and-the-craneOnce there lived a peacock in a dense forest. A crane lived in a seashore. They  were good friends since a very long time. They never fought with each other. The peacock was proud of its beautiful feathers. 

One day the peacock went to the seashore and said to the crane “Look at my feathers, how they shine in all the colors of the rainbow, while yours are so pale! I am dressed like a king!” You know I am very beautiful bird in this world. “That’s true,” the Crane answered, but I can fly high above, among the clouds and the sky. I can see all the beauty of the earth in all its glory. While you live down here just like any other birds. Saying like that the crane went away and fly above the sky. 

Moral : Fine feathers don’t make fine birds.


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