Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Clever Deer and The Hunter Story

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful deer in the forest. It has beautiful skin and strong horns. Once it was search of foods. The beauty of this deer poachers to deer hunting. 

A hunter was tracking a deer for quite some days. He found that the deer came exactly to the same tree each day and ate fruits which were lying there beneath the tree. He was so attracted by the beauty of the deer that he wanted to catch the deer alive. He thought of a big plan. If I can set a trap here then I can catch the deer alive. He started implementing his plan. He set his trap and put abundant fruits to cover up the net. 

The deer came there exactly as calculated by the hunter. But when it saw more fruits than usual lying beneath the tree, it smell the hunter and started sniffing around. Now the deer could smell the hunter hiding behind the tree. So instead of eating the fruits the deer ran away from the place. It thought he was lucky to have been precaution. 

Moral: Think before you do.  


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