Monday, 20 November 2017

The Shepherd Boy and The Wolf : Short Stories: Moral Stories for kids

wolf-and-the-shepherd-boyOnce upon a time there was a village was near by a forest. A shepherd boy always used to graze his sheep to that jungle. He was very foolish and a liar. He wants to play with other peoples.

One day he thought to play a joke with his neighbors. He started crying at the top of his voice Wolf! Wolf! I am in danger and wolf killed my sheep. Please help.

On hearing his cries all the villagers came running with sticks to help him. On reaching the jungle they found there was no wolf. The shepherd laughed at them. They understood that the boy had be fooled them. They returned to their villages. Promises that they will not help him again.

Another day truly a wolf came there and attacked his sheep. He started shouting at the top of his voice Wolf! Wolf! He killed my sheep. Please help. I am saying truth. But the villagers thought that he was trying to be fool them once again.

They did not come to his help. The wolf killed the sheep and took some with him. The foolish boy was missed his sheep because he was a liar.

Moral: Think before you act.


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