Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Jackal and War Drum Story

Jackal and War Drum Story
Once upon a time, there was a dense forest lived a jackal. One day, he was very hungry and was in search of food. While searching food, he came across a battle field. There he saw a big drum lying under a tree. When the wind blew, there comes some sound with hitting the tree trunk with drum. He was about to go with fear but he  thought he must be careful in finding out the source of this sound. 

The jackal beats with his front paws. The drum made a sound. Now the jackal thought that there might be some other small animal inside the drum and that would make a very tasty meal for him. Because he was very hungry. He tried a lot with his paws and teeth to tear the drum but in vain.

At that time a leopard passing by while he was searching his foods. He was attracted towards the sound of the drum, came near it. He saw the jackal and said I will kill you. The jackal said to the leopard, "My dear, please leave me and I will give you a good meal instead of me. There is a pig hiding inside the drum. If you tear this drum and kill the pig you will have a tasty meal. Saying this jackal vanished from the spot.

The leopard hit top of the drum with his sharp paws. The drum burst with a sound, but there was no animal inside. The drum was empty. Seeing the empty drum, the leopard became very angry and said to the jackal, "You have wasted my time. There is no food inside the drum. So I will kill and eat you." He saw there was no jackal. He continued his search for food, and near the drum he found sufficient food.


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