Thursday, 9 November 2017

Fox and The Hare Short Story

Once upon a time there lived a hare in a jungle. One fine morning it was search of foods. He came across a fox. He was fear to see the fox. The hare was appreciating  at fox in admiration. 
Hare met the fox on the way.

The fox asked, what happened with you? Why are you appreciate me? The hare said in an anxious voice, “I was wondering about you". 

The fox asked, why is it so?  The hare replied "Are you really as cunning as other say about you? Because I am thinking that leopard is very cunning than you." 

The fox looked at the hare with a thoughtful look and replied after some moments, "I think you are right. Better do one thing. You can come tonight and join with our meeting. We shall discuss the matter."

The hare went to the fox's den at night. He saw there was a dining table were laid plates and bowls. But there was no other animals for meeting. The hare thought himself, "What a fool I am! The fox has planned to eat me and there was no meeting at all. He ran away with his life before fox came to the spot.

Moral : Cunning words are undependable or don't believe the cunning person.


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