Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Cow and Tiger Short Stories with Moral

Once there was a cow lived with her calf in a small farm. She was used to go Jungle for grazing. She was returning to her shed in the evening. When she returned her calf used to drink milk. She loved her calf very much.
Cow and Tiger Short Stories with Moral

One day she has gone to forest for grazing. That day a tiger caught her on the way of the Jungle. The tiger want to kill the cow and eat. When the tiger was bought the killed the cow. The cow made a request. She told tiger that, “She got a calf at home and the calf is very hungry. If the tiger killed her right now the calf will die in hunger.” Therefore she requested the tiger to leave her for a while. So that she can give milk to her calf. The tiger listened the request of the cow and said, “It is impossible. Because if he will leave her, she will not comeback again”. Listening this cow said to the tiger, “I will come back after giving milk to my calf. The tiger listened the ardent request of cow. He said you go but you have to return back very soon. 

The cow returned her shed immediately and she gives to milk to her calf. Then she started for the forest, saying her calf come back very soon. She reached the jungle and give a cry for the tiger. The tiger came and saw the cow. Thought the tiger was hungry he became surprised to see the cow back. The tiger hasn’t seen such sincerity, morality and honesty from any animal. He became very pleased to see such kind of characters from other animals. He called the cow, she is overwhelmed by her honesty. He said I can’t eat you and I will protect you from other wild animals in the future. I want that the character you possessed should spread to other animals. By saying these, tiger went back to the forest. The cow also returned back to her calf before the sunrise.


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