Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Little Crab and The Fox Moral Story

Once upon a time there lived a mother crab with her baby in a pond. One day, the mother crab left her baby in the corner of the pond and went to search for food. 

The baby crab that day grew disgusted with the sands in which he lived. He decided to take a walk to the meadow not far from the pond. There he would find better fare than salty water and sand mites. So off he crawled to the meadow. 

But there was a fox who felt hungry. He roamed here and there in search of food but could not find anything to eat. To take some water it reached near to the pond. When it saw a baby crab roaming there his mouth began water and started thinking about the crab’s meat. The fox catches the baby crab. The baby crab requested to the fox please leave me I am very small. If you eat me it will not fulfill your hunger. I will call my friends so you can eat all of us. The fox agreed with the crab’s idea and released him. In a twinkling the crab vanished in the water. The fox waited a long time and at last it went to the forest to search his food. 

Moral: Presence of mind can win you from danger.


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