Friday, 20 October 2017

The Donkey and The Dog Moral Story

Donkey and the Dog Story
There was a small village near by a small market. There lived a potter in that small village. He had a dog to guard his house and pottery, and a donkey to carry his load. Whenever the master came, the dog used to bark a little to welcome him. He ran up to the master and raised his front legs and puts them on the master. The master pets the dog and gives him nice food to eat.

The donkey used to watch this daily routine from a distance. He began to feel jealous of the dog. He thought with jealous, “What an easy life for the dog! He just roams around. He barks at strangers. That’s all this work. Yet, he is being cared with love and affection. But look at me! I carry all the loads. Yet all I get is hard blows and left-over’s for eating”. 

So the donkey decided to behave in the same way as the dog, in order to get nice treatment from his master. He roamed here and there and neighed at strangers. When the master returned he neighed a little, ran to him and wagging his tail he started to lift his front legs. 

The master got annoyed. He took a long stick and landed heavy blows. Poor donkey at last left that place!

Moral:Jealousy will not server good.


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