Monday, 4 September 2017

Young Crab and His Mother Moral Story

Once upon a time there lived a mother crab with her baby in a pond. One day, the mother crab and her baby were walking together. The baby crab was walking a little ahead of the mother.
Young Crab and His Mother Moral Story
the-crab and his mother

After sometimes, the mother crab said, “Oh my dear child, why do you bend towards one side when you walk?” The baby crab turned back and looked at its mother and asked, “why Mother, what is wrong with the way I walk?” Was I am not looks good while I am walking like this?

The mother crab replied, yes “It does not look good to me.” You look much better when you walk straight and forward.” The young Crab said, “This might be pretty good and true my mother. But I do not know how to walk straight. So, if you will show me how to walk straight, I will promise to do on next moment onward.” His mother impatiently agreed and said, “Look at me carefully and you will do it later.

When the mother crab tried to walk straight, it was impossible for her also to walk straight way. She kept trying, but she could not walk straight. Tired, she said to her son, “I am sorry for scolding you. I myself cannot walk in a straight manner. How can I ask you to do so?” She then told her son, “You continue to walk the way you do!” Then they went their destiny.

Moral: Example is more powerful than speech. 


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