Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Short Story With Moral: The Tailor and The Elephant

Once there lived a tailor in a small village. An elephant also lived in the nearby jungle. The elephant visited the tailor’s shop every day. One day he stopped at a tailor’s shop and got a dozen of banana from him. He ate it up with great joy. 

The next day he stopped again in front of the shop. And the tailor again gave him a lot of bananas. This went on for several days. They lived like good friends. One day the tailor was not in a good mood. When the elephant came to his shop he pricked its trunk with a needle. 

The elephant went to the river and filled his trunk with plenty of mud and dirt. He came running to the tailor’s shop. He emptied his trunk all over the tailor and his shop. The tailor was splashed with dirt. 

The tailor was sorry for what he had done. But it was too late to understand his mistake. Next day, the tailor asked forgiveness from the elephant and fed him with fresh fruit and vegetables.


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