Sunday, 11 November 2012

Two Goats Short Story

Once a goat was grazing on the grassy slope of a hill, near the stream. It decided to taste the grass on the hills across. A narrow log served as a bridge across the stream. While crossing the bridge, it saw another goat coming from the other side. The bridge was so narrow that only one animal could cross the bridge at a time.

The first goat said to the other, "Let me pass first."
"You let me pass first", replied the other goat.

They started threatening each other and finally got into a terrible fight, so finally they lost their balance and fell into the stream.

The other goats are grazing on the hills saw this spectacle and they learnt a lesson. After few days, two other goats faced the same problem. They happened to be on the bridge at the same time facing each other and unable to move further. So that
One goat said to the other, "I'll sit down and you can step over my body."
The did the same and other one replied "Thank you. Next time, I'll sit down and let you cross first."
Thus both of them were able to cross the bridge safely.


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